Hello !   Sawasdee !   Greeting from the Land of Smiles !
Welcome to the world of yummy thai snacks !
Let's try the tastes of incredibly delicious Thai snacks.
Thailand is popular for its traditional cuisine worldwide and its status is earned.The mix of spices and herbs, soft taste of coconut milk, spiciness of chili pepper, sourness of lime and of course sweetness of tropical fruits. All of this makes Thai cuisine unlike any other cuisine in the world.
The variety of Thai cuisine elements are reflected in Thai snacks. Now, no matter where you live, you can get the opportunity to try and astonish the tastes of Thai snacks. SmileSnackBox will ensure that your snack box will include the most yummy Thai snacks and will deliver them to your door. 
You can make a onetime purchase or subscribe for 3, 6, 12 months.
With subscription, the deliveries from SmileSnackBox will come once a month in duration of the subscription.
Also subscription can be an amazing gift for your friends and close ones so you can excite them with monthly snack boxes with amazing snacks from the sunny Thailand !

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Madeline Daniels

YummySnackBox L (Amazon edition)

One of my favorite snack boxes!

I really can not say enough great things about this company. I originally bought a "challenge box" from them on their official website a couple months ago (shipped from Thailand) and was so impressed!!! They included a great selection of Thai snacks that had a wide range of flavors to impress anyone's taste buds. When I got the notification that they would be adding some boxes to Amazon, I was so excited that I bought one within minutes of getting the email.

I just got my YUMMY box today and I'm so excited to dig into this one too.
It's filled to the brim, and there are all kinds of different snacks, from salty to sweet to spicy and maybe even some flavors people have never experienced. As usual, there was an adorable elephant keychain in the box! I will happily add it to my collection. They really listen to their customers suggestions on how to improve their boxes and I will continue to support them. I'm also looking forward to trying their new "fruity" box next time.